20% off code when buying Paragon NTFS 15

If you are interested in working with USB, external hard drives, this is an indispensable software for Mac. From Paragon NTFS 14 onwards, there is no complete Cr44ck version. Version 14 has an automatic reset trial code, ie you will receive a notification that you are using a 10-day trial every time you start the device (but the actual number of days is not deducted). The new version of Paragon NTFS 15 has not been released yet, but only a beta version that can be used until the end of September this year (unknown later ^_^).

Therefore, if you like stability and do not like to wait, this is the software that is worth buying for long-term use. Those who want to save can follow their instructions to get 20% off when buying this software.

To buy software Paragon NTFS 15 you do the following:

Go to the link: maclife.vn/paragon-ntfs

Fill in the information as shown:

You notice the red circle. Click on the Coupon code button and enter the following code: YXC-WFX-PGH

You will get 20% off only 15.9$

Then you click Next and click Buy as usual. You must have a VISA, Master… or Paypal card (with Card added) to buy. If you do not have a Visa card to link Paypal, you can PM fanpage, I can support.

Wish you all success – Maclife.vn


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