Adobe Captivate 2017 – An eLearning online curriculum editor

Adobe Captivate is a professional and perfect eLearning online curriculum editor with a lot of useful features that teachers can access and use. This software integrates a rich database with a diverse knowledge system, tools to help create lesson plans, fonts, and symbols with full support. Users can also import existing Microsoft PowerPoint content to include in lesson plans and create their own lectures.

Adobe Captivate allows the insertion of image, Audio and Video files in a variety of formats into the lesson plan, adding application simulations, branching shapes and quizzes to the curriculum to increase the fun. Files can be easily exported to the standard SCORM and AICC systems – the most popular lesson management systems today.

Adobe Captivate also supports screen recording to create additional tutorials for lessons, edit Powerpoint files directly, and create multiple choice questions. This is an essential application for teachers and students at all levels to professionalize teaching and learning.

Key features of Adobe Captivate:

Create online curriculum
– Rich data system
– Allow import of Microsoft PowerPoint content available
– Insert Media files into the content of the lesson plan
– Screen recording
– Create a set of multiple choice questions

adobe captivate

Adobe Captivate 2017 10.0.0


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