Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 – The Most Powerful Image Processor

This is the latest version of 2015 officially released by Adobe on June 15, 2015. Added a lot of new features, especially removing annoying errors when using the Content-Aware Fill tool

New feature:
• Edit once, update everywhere with Linked Assets
• Add more layer styles to get the look you want
• Better panoramas with Content-Aware Fill
• Artboards for efficient design
• Be sure your Photoshop designs look good on iOS devices
• Adobe Camera Raw 9.1 enhancements
• Find the perfect image or graphic, fast
• Get more realistic blurs with additive noise
• Better viewing experience on Windows HiDPI displays
• Simplify complex 3D models
• Streamlined and optimized experience for designers
• Heal and patch images faster than ever
• Automatically generate bump maps from images
• Faster, easier image export
• Glyph panel for better access to glyphs in all your designs
• Easily print your 3D content
• Move and extend objects with more control
• And so much more.
Home page:

Adobe Photoshop CC – 2015 16.1.1



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