Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers – Airplane Flight Simulator

Sit in the cabin of a fighter jet and take off, you are embarking on the most epic battles in history taking place in the Pacific Ocean. The beginning will be the battle at Pearl Harbor, an extremely fierce and fierce war between the two sides of Japan and the US. In this game, from the beginning, you will be able to choose 1 of 2 factions Japan and America with different missions and storylines. In the first battle, if you play the Japanese side, you and your teammates will fly planes with machine guns and bombs to destroy the US fleet of warships, giant ships equipped with Advanced firepower and very difficult to destroy. And if you play on the American side, you will have to destroy the Japanese planes with a crazy speed, crowded and aggressive like a swarm of locusts; and at the same time protect the warships are safe. But no matter which side you play, it is still a very interesting experience when you master the sky, freely roaming with clouds and wind.

In the game, there are many parts to play for you to choose to try. If you don’t like playing the story part, you can choose to play the typical battle part, or the survival game and some other gameplay. These games do not force you to side with the US or Japan, you are completely free to choose planes, enemies, maps, missions… Even if you don’t like flying in the sky, You can stay on duty in the artillery squadron of the warships, shelling the enemy planes high above.

Highlights of the game:

  • Impressive graphics with vivid, realistic scenes, and epic smoke and fire scenes.
  • Command the whole squadron, instead of controlling one plane, you can control the whole squadron.
  • The game includes 4 types of aircraft carriers, 21 types of warships and 12 types of aircraft.
  • Experience the most epic battles in history at Pearl Harbor, Midway and Wake Island!

Choose your plane and start the fiercest, epic, most intense air battles of World War 2 with the game Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers !

Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers


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