AKVIS MakeUp – Professional Photo Retouch Software

AKVIS MakeUp is an application that helps to improve portrait photos and increase the charm of photos, making photos more professional. The software will automatically fill in small defects on the skin, making it radiant, beautiful, smooth and very professional. No need to sit and dot every little bit, spend a lot of time on the photo, Akvis Makeup can do it all and is very professional.

Just open a portrait with AKVIS MakeUp and click “Run”. The software will retouch and refresh the skin without changing other parts of the image. There are two modes Express and Advanced. In Express mode you can fix with a single click using the default settings, while in Advanced mode you can select more precise skin tones using use the eyedropper tool and play around with more parameters to find a precious mean that makes the photo as natural as possible.




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