AppDelete – Thoroughly delete apps on Mac

AppDelete is a program that completely removes applications from your Mac. The program not only removes the application from the device, but also deletes everything related to the application that you want to delete such as Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins and Screensavers..

If you use the usual way of uninstalling the application, which is to go to the Applications folder and put the application to be deleted to the trash, the application-related files outside the Applications folder have not been deleted, and continue to work even though the application is not deleted. use is no longer available. This will lead to unexpected problems. Lightly, the message will appear that the files cannot be played, heavier, you may have to reinstall the device.


To delete apps using AppDelete you simply drag the app you want to delete onto AppDelete, AppDelete will automatically find the files related to the app you want to delete and delete along with the app. In addition, there will be other options for you such as compressing the files into a zip file for safekeeping or reinstalling at another time. Files deleted by AppDelete will be trashed and put in a folder so you can review which files have been deleted and see where those files have been. These files won’t be completely removed from your Mac until you empty the recycle bin. You can restore deleted files from recycle bin.

In addition, AppDelete also has a number of other functions such as quick search to help you select the files you want to delete, clean the recycle bin in forced mode, …..

What’s new in version 4.3:

Released on October 13, 2016

Now optimized for macOS Sierra
Runs on Lion up to Sierra
New icon and graphics
New App Reset tool
New Clear Logs tool
Improved search algorithm
Improved window design
Numerous visual tweaks
Localization updates
Optimizations, bug-fixes, and improvements throughout

Link for more information:

Appdelete 4.2.2

Appdelete 4.2.3

Appdelete 4.2.5

Appdelete 4.2.6

Appdelete 4.2.6

Appdelete 4.3 (Fully compatible with Sierra 10.12)

Appdelete 4.3.1 (Fully compatible with Sierra 10.12)

Appdelete 4.3.2 (Fully compatible with Sierra 10.12)

Appdelete 4.3.3 (Fully compatible with Sierra 10.12)


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