ArchiCAD 20 – Software for Architecture

ArchiCAD is a product of GraphiSoft that strongly supports you when working with 3D drawings on 3D-enabled computers to simulate a system of buildings in large projects. This software has a lot of support for commonly used CAD formats.

ArchiCAD provides tools that help you to draw a technical graphic drawing with extremely accurate model design of buildings and interiors, which is considered a great tool to help users draw beautiful drawings. Technical drawings of construction works, engineering mechanics, advertising design with maximum accurate drawing data, software processing speed is quite fast.


ArchiCAD uses 64-bit technology to make the program more responsive, the time to execute commands is extremely fast and accurate, and the software allows users to adjust the model in the 3D view. , review designs in real time and save drawings to check customer satisfaction.


ArchiCAD 20 build 3008

Archicad 20 build 4012

ArchiCAD 20 build 4020


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