Assassin’s Creed II – Action Game for Mac

In Assassin’s Creed 2, players will temporarily leave the story related to the mysterious artifact located in 12th century Jerusalem and the familiar assassin Altair. However, the long time spent using the Animus to return to the Middle Ages gave Desmond a new ability, as he was able to inherit both the personality and skills of his ancestors. With the Animus 2.0 machine restored by the assassins from the original Abstergo corporation, genetic engineering brings the memory of the guy Desmond Miles to Florence, Italy in the Renaissance, where Ezio – another ancestor of Desmond is living.

​The life of young Ezio’s family seems as normal as other noble families in the city, but everything suddenly turns upside down. When three family members are arrested and hanged by a slander and betrayal by a family friend Uberto Alberti, Ezio decides to take revenge. After Uberto’s assassination, Ezio flees and meets his uncle Mario, who reveals to Ezio his family’s line of assassins. From here, Ezio’s life turns to a new path full of adventure and hardship.

Assassin’s Creed 2 marks the series’ shift to being an open-world action game. The main setting of the game is Tuscan, Venice and Florence. Players will encounter the familiar Free run movement system from the first version, with a small tweak to increase movement speed and thereby bring excitement in their running phases. Every structure in the city is meticulously designed to provide freedom of movement: you can climb any structure, high or low, as long as you have a handhold. This is a very important part of the game’s gameplay, because it helps Ezio escape more easily when detected and hunted, as well as secretly close to the target. Together with the young inventor Leonardo Da Vinci’s kite, players can fly in the air and perform some simple combat movements.

assassins-creed-23 ​The stealth action element of Assassin’s Creed 2 is greatly upgraded compared to the first version. Now you can blend into any group of people to escape the sight of the guards instead of just a few special types as before. In areas with water, such as Venice, diving is also a good option. A “notoriety” system is introduced into the game to increase the realism and challenge for players, as Ezio in disguise can be easily recognized if he regularly performs actions. suspicious or detected multiple times in previous missions. Players can reduce this stat by bribing, removing wanted images or assassinating commanders, but “prevention is better than cure” – the best way to get rid of “notoriety” is still to be careful. Be careful in all your actions.

As a game about assassins, every action of the player is aimed at a single purpose: to kill his target. Players can use familiar knives hidden in their sleeves or use enemy weapons. The melee movements are used with motion capture (Motion Capture) from real people, so it is quite smooth and beautiful. However, the guards’ AI in the battle phase is quite poor, different from the vigilance that causes many difficulties for the player in the process of approaching the target. The fighting phase on the kite is also very new and attractive, but there is not much “playing ground”. The “thrill” phase by jumping from tall buildings to the piles of straw below is still retained as a feature of the game, helping players experience the feeling of free fall safely.

assassin creed5

The game has many other tweaks that add to the fun of the game. Eagle Vision – the feature that helps identify important targets – has now been moved to a third-person perspective. The added day and night system gives players a new feeling, especially in night missions that require really quiet action. The missions also become richer in type, and sometimes change “dizzy” to surprise players. With about 200 different missions, half of which are related to the main story of the game, Assassin’s Creed 2 will not make players bored by the repetition of these missions.


The game’s graphics are a big step forward compared to the first version. Ezio’s movements are very smooth and rarely cause errors through objects or stuck in errors of terrain. Each city feels like living in the Renaissance, with its bell towers, streets, and people’s costumes all meticulously designed and authentic. The only thing worth complaining about in the graphic array is the wave effect when Ezio surfing the gondola on the canals of Venice is almost … nonexistent. The game’s music is composed by Jesper Kyd, a composer known for over 30 games, including the Hitman series and most recently Borderlands.


System Requirement:

* MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13” are not compatible with this game.
* This game is not supported on all models Mac running PowerPC CPU chip.

* SUPPORTED OS: Mac OS X 10.5 minimum
* Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 1.8 GHZ
* RAM: 2 GB
* Video Card: 256 MB OpenGL 2.1 compliant card with Shader Model 3.0 or higher (xem list bên dưới)
* HDD: 8 GB

* YOU: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
* Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.3 GHz
* RAM: 4 GB
* Video Card: GeForce® 8800 GT or ATI Radeon® HD 4850 or better

Supported Video Cards at Time of Release:
– ATI® RADEON® X1950, HD 2000/3000/4000/5000 series
– NVIDIA GeForce® 7/8/9/100/200 series

Assassin’s Creed II


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