Batman The Enemy Within Episode 2 – 3 vs 5 – Game nhập vai

In 2016, Telltale Games entered the chaotic, complex world of Batman with the release of Batman: The Telltale Series and attracted quite a few people who love to experience the game. Good news for those who are looking forward to the time to return to Gotham City is the sequel Batman: The Enemy Within The Telltale Series was launched in early August 2017.

Batman: The Enemy Within The Telltale Series, introduced the first game episode titled “The Enigma”. It is known that this season 2 will have the appearance of famous villains such as Riddler, Joker, … continue to play a role in stirring up the already quiet life in Gotham.

In this latest chapter, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced to face precarious situations. The Riddler has returned to terrorize Gotham City, but his gruesome puzzles are just the precursor to a far more terrifying riot.

With the arrival of a sadistic federal agent and the return of a fledgling Joker, Batman and Bruce Wayne must find a way to keep their alliances “fair but not content” in good shape. determined. Which new Batman ally will you choose to trust?





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