Bounty Train – Strategy, simulation game

Bounty Train Perhaps the above solution has been found when Corbie Games integrates RPG, strategy and simulation elements… operating a train to recreate the 19th century in North America – the period when the economy was is on the rise with the arrival of the railway industry, but that does not mean that there is no shortage of dangers, unpredictable intrigues and even bloodshed.

An old coal-powered train needed a coal shovel, a driver and sometimes even a few gunmen to protect the train from bandits or other bad guys. Bounty Train Simulating the process of driving that train from a top-down perspective is simpler, but not because of that, the journey on the train becomes less difficult: Capital only running on coal, the player must control and provide Enough of this fuel for trains when traveling through cities while paying attention to the time to move, and learning how to control the train at a reasonable speed to avoid rail accidents and even the intense pursuit of Bandits and bad guys are scattered all over North America.

Bounty Train v1.0


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