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The Call of Duty series once again “fired up” and sparked a new conflict set in the cold war era between the Soviet Union and the US with the Black Ops version. So after many months of waiting and waiting, gamers had the opportunity to touch this FPS “super product”.

With a content that is considered sensitive when touching many countries that have fought, but with its boldness, the developer has brought a successful game, first of all in terms of sales.

Call Of Duty Black Ops II overflow

Coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops, players will be playing the role of a member of the Black Ops squad participating in “unprecedented” missions full of difficulty and danger. There are not many breakthroughs in the content, but with the context of taking a new timeline, Call of Duty: Black Ops has hit the curious psychology of gamers.

The gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops has generally reached the “ultimate realm” with astonishing excellence. Indeed, despite their best efforts, critics must also accept that Activision’s “baby” is too perfect. Obviously, in the virtual world of Call of Duty: Black Ops, everything is reproduced vividly and realistically from the character’s movements to the bounce of the gun when fired (made according to the actual prototype). gives players the feeling of extreme excitement. Besides, the new generation AI of Call of Duty: Black Ops will also make you restless because of your mischief. The only thing that you should remember when you want to win in this game is to be very focused and calm when even the smallest mistake costs a lot. In addition, the variety of AI’s handling of situations is also a breakthrough factor for the game. Not only that, the massive weapon system with “toys” that appeared in the Vietnam battlefield such as bows and crossbows is also depicted in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of duty black ops 2

The graphics of Call of Duty: Black Ops are also among the “top” with their superiority. And you will definitely be extremely excited to admire the extremely eye-catching images with the truthfulness in every detail of this game. Typically in the design of the main character’s face, sometimes players do not realize what is real and what is virtual.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is indeed a “blockbuster” not only with the inherent reputation of the series but also in its extraordinary “inner strength”. Although the content caused a lot of controversy in the media, but not so that you can ignore this attractive game. Let’s download Call of Duty: Black Ops and join the US elite squad in these unprecedented campaigns.

Call of Duty Black Ops


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