COMMAND & CONQUER: Red Alert 3 – 3D Real-Time Strategy Game

Red Alert Set in the post-war world, in a time of bipolar existence (ianta bipolar order), a time of chaos and fierce disputes between two great powers for total control. world.

In the section Red Alert 3 This will describe the situation when the Soviet Union is losing ground on the battlefield after losing many battles to the Allies, which also means that the Soviet Union may be completely wiped out. Faced with this situation, the Soviet Union convened a high-level meeting and made a decision to use a new technology called a time machine. They decided to send people back in time and assassinate Albert Einstein – a brilliant scientist of the Allies, who had made great inventions and brought the Allies close to victory. The assassination was successful, Albert Einstein was killed, the Soviet army regained its position on the battlefield as well as escaped from the brink of destruction in the present.



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