Company of Heroes – Array Game

Based on the story that followed the footsteps of Able Company fighting with the Nazi 7th Army. This was the fiercest battle in the counterattack of the Anglo-French Coalition landing on the coast of Normandy (France) during World War 2.

In the single-player mode, players participate in the campaign structured into 15 missions, from retaking the village of Cherbourg, turning the village into a V2 rocket launch base, combat support, and attacking the “crematorium” of the Hill. 192, … Before and after each mission there is a documentary and summary information about that historical point (time). One of the most impressive elements is the graphics of Company of Heroes. Overall, the image is very carefully polished. The cinematography is designed to match the game’s transitions. The image of soldiers running, kneeling and crawling on the battlefield is very smooth. In particular, the game is equipped with its own physics engine (physics engine) to reproduce scenes.

While the technology is great, the real success of Company of Heroes is the artistic side. The developer is under pressure from a lot because the theme of World War 2 has been carefully exploited by the previous developers. The important difference of the game lies in the successful transmission of the fierceness of World War 2 in the form of real-time (RTS) strategy. This players can feel right in the first mission: landing on the coast of Normandi.


The sound in the game is also very worthy of its stature. The dialogues of the characters are transferred with many different emotions, from witty to ecstasy, brain illusion. When ordering an engineer unit to plant mines, the player can hear the voice “If a mouse accidentally makes a mess on my minefield, its butt will fly straight to Pluto’s forehead”. To announce that the flamethrower unit had just been upgraded, a congratulatory voice said “Johnson! It’s nice to have a flamethrower. But be careful.” Who is Johnson among all those flamethrowers? Nobody knows. But obviously this kind of announcement makes the game much closer to the real battlefield atmosphere.


In particular, the sounds on the battlefield are also completely usable tactical information. If they heard an infantry unit scream, they were probably under shelling or under attack by a Nazi Panzerfaust tank. Players can quickly regroup to regain strategic points. Voice in game conversations also change when the player wins or loses.

System requirement:
Mac OS X: 10.7.5 or later.
CPU: Core 2 duo.
CPU speed: 2 GHz
Ram : 4Gb.


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