CorelDraw has a version for macOS, [Cập nhật] there is medicine

Good news for art and graphic designers: after nearly 20 years, CorelDraw is finally back on the Mac platform with a completely redesigned version. Not only that, it also supports the latest macOS version, Mojave with Dark mode interface, as well as Touch Bar on MacBook Pro 2016 and later. You can now download a 15-day trial or purchase the full Graphics Suite 2019 from Corel’s website.

Download the trial version of Corel Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac here.

Update: Drugs are available. You can see the instructions here: Detailed instructions on how to “medicate” CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 on Mac

Corel designed Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac from the ground up, ie in compliance with Apple’s user interface requirements and guidelines, hence the layout of menus, function buttons, labels, and UI elements. other users will be similar to other first-party applications for Mac. Compared to the Windows version, CorelDraw on Mac has a newer interface and a different layout, which will take you a while to get used to. The shortcut system will also be a bit different.

CorelDraw is Corel’s design toolkit from Canada, they initially released both versions for Mac and Windows but then removed the Mac version in 2001. Currently CorelDraw on Windows is also v19, ie the latest version of CorelDraw on Windows. same as the Mac version. Before CorelDraw appeared, Mac users had a similar graphic design software, Illustrator from Adobe.

In addition to CorelDraw, Corel’s Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac includes two other applications, Corel Font Manager 2019 and Corel Photo-Paint 2019. You can buy this Graphics Suite for a lifetime for $669 or a subscription for $198. /five. CorelDraw for Mac and Windows are standalone, so if you’ve purchased a Windows license, you can’t continue to use it on Mac.

This is probably very good news for Mac users, I know a lot of guys who really want to use Mac but just because they don’t have Corel, they have to choose Windows. will update as soon as “medicine” is available.


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