Counter Strike Global Offensive – Classic Shooter

This game is too famous, so don’t copy the introduction on the internet and put it here to save data ^_^. If you don’t know, search google for me. I just post some notes and download links

Download and copy to applications and then play. Initially, some machines, although meeting the requirements, could not run and there was a phenomenon of turning on and off, but that’s okay, persistently reopening about 3-4 times is fine or restarting the machine is okay.

Instructions to create more bots (shoot with the machine). Default is 5 vs 5

1: Open CSGO and let the game run until the main menu appears
2: Go to “Options and Help” and select Game Settings
3: In “Game Settings” page select Yes for “Enable Developer Console (~)”
4: Then play the game
5: Press the (~) key (under the esc button) and type the command line
bot_add_t (for robbers)
bot_add_ct (cho cs)

Counter Strike Global Offensive- Capacity: 5.9Gb


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