Detailed instructions for installing macOS Sierra 10.12

This article I intend to write for a long time, but because I have not had the opportunity to reinstall the computer, I have not been able to write it for you. Today is a day off, so I have little free time, by the way reinstall the machine to clean it, so I decided to do a detailed guide on how to install macOS Sierra 10.12 for everyone.

I guarantee that if you read carefully, read the full article from beginning to end. A new Macbook user for the first time can also reinstall his or her own Macbook without having to bother bringing it to specialized Apple stores. Ok! We start.

Step 1: Create USB to install Mac

To be able to completely reinstall your Macbook, you need to create a USB to install (similar to USB boot on Windows). The detailed instructions on how to create an installation USB I did not repeat because I had a detailed tutorial on how to create a macOS Sierra installation USB before. Please click on the link below to create yourself a USB to install macOS Sierra

After you have a USB to install. Go to step 2.

In this article, I guide you to install completely new. There are instructions to Format the Mac partition, so if your computer only has 1 partition, you need to Backup to an external hard drive. If your computer has 2 partitions, you should copy the necessary data from the previous Mac partition to the remaining partition (Data from Desktop, Download folder….)

Step 2: Details how to install macOS Sierra 10.12

B2.1: After successfully creating the USB with the macOS Sierra installer. You plug in the USB computer. Press the start button and press the key options (old) to display the selection screen to boot from USB

B2.2 Select boot from USB (with yellow image and name install macOS Sierra)

B2.3. To install a new one, you need to Format the old Mac installation partition before installing the new one (Remember to back up your data first). To Format you choose Disk Utility (same picture)

B2.4: Select the partition to be formatted and press Erase. My computer has 2 partitions, the old Mac partition is Maclife and partition DATA contains data, so I choose the Maclife partition and press Erase

Name the partition. This doesn’t matter, you can leave it as default or name it whatever you want

Notice after Format is successful.

B2.5: You close the window Disk Utility again (press the red X on the left), you will return to the screen macOS Utilities. Here you choose install macOS

Click continue

Then choose the correct partition name that you just formatted above. This step, you pay attention to choose the right one. My machine above just Formatted the Maclife partition, so I chose to enter the Maclife partition

B2.6: After selecting, press continue. This step you have to wait from 10-15 minutes depending on the speed of the USB and the speed of the hard drive. My computer Macbook Pro Retina 13 ′ 2015 wait for about 10 minutes.

During the installation process, you will reboot once and notify to wait for about 10 more minutes

B2.7: After the installation is complete. Apple asks you to choose initial settings for your Mac. I will guide this part in detail because many of you do not know what to choose in these steps. First select the region. I usually let United States. You can choose Vietnam as you like

B2.8: Select Keyboard Layout. You choose the default US always.

B2.9. If your home has Wifi, connect to Wifi always for more setup options for the following steps. If not, it’s fine to continue

B2.10: Option to recover data from Time Machine (if your old machine has a backup from Time Machine…) Here I guide you to install completely new so I choose Don’t transfer any infomation now

B2.11: You can enable or disable Location as you like. If enabled, when the device is lost and your device has iCloud login on the device, you can locate your device. However, the battery will cost a bit more and if you install it, it’s not very good if you install it and install it without care. I will turn this off ^^

B2.12. Sign in with Apple ID. If you have an Apple ID account, you should sign in. There are quite a few good functions if you have an iPhone. You just need to sign in with the same Apple ID account on Macbook and iPhone. You can receive calls from iPhone right on Macbook, copy on Macbook and Paste on iPhone…

Continue to select Agree

B2.13 Set a name and password for your Macbook. You can set Full Name, Account Name, arbitrary password.

B2.14: The iCloud Keychain screen only appears if you entered your Apple ID in step 2.12. If you do not understand clearly, you can choose Setup later. If you set up iCloud Keychain, later you change your Apple ID password, the device will ask to update iCloud Keychain again, which is quite annoying. However, if the Apple ID account is yours, not shared with anyone, you can log in as well. iCloud keychain will help you synchronize all information about login names, web passwords… on iOS with your Macbook. I don’t want to have trouble later, so I choose Setup later for this step.

B2.15: This step chooses whether to enable FileVault or not? This one I explain a little bit. FileVault is Apple’s form of data encryption that helps you avoid data theft when you lose your device. Users need to have the machine’s login password to access the data on the hard drive. If you do not enable FileVault, the person who has your hard drive just needs to insert the hard drive into the Sata Dock to be able to read all the data on the hard drive. That’s how it is. So if you have important data that you don’t want anyone to access, you should enable Filevault. On the contrary, if your device is only for playing games, surfing the web, and entertainment, what should not be turned on?

B2.16: This step also only shows if you have an Apple ID signed in. You can choose to have your Mac automatically sync data on your Desktop or Documents folder to your iCloud account.

The next step is to choose the time zone. You type Ha Noi – Vietnam so that the machine shows the correct time.

This step you can choose or not arbitrarily. Not so important

If your English level is good. You should turn on Siri to give voice commands or chat with Ms. Siri when sad ^_^. I can only read English. I told her Siri didn’t understand, so I left her.

Here it is considered complete.

After completion. You should read this article to install the most necessary applications for your Macbook

Have a good time –


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