Dishonored – Loyal bodyguard

In a game world that has been through many stages of development so far, action games in general and stealth style in particular have always been the favorite spices of gamers. In contrast to the pure sweeping style,

stealth action genre requires players to know how to brainstorm and move, acting very carefully with a reflex no less than in FPS titles. The gaming world has seen countless products going in this direction, but the most famous is probably the series Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell there are Hitman..But it is worth mentioning that titles following this style always adhere to the “3rd-person perspective” formula, which always gives gamers the convenience of observation, which seems to have become a prerequisite in the style. secret way.

Some products that go in the direction of the first-person perspective are not absent, but have never really reached the level of the mainstream 3rd-person products. The typical faces mentioned have a series Thief, The Chronicles of Riddick or as one of many styles of Deus Ex. In October this year, we gamers continue to see another product going in this direction, and unlike the fate of our predecessors, Dishonored promises to bring a new breeze to change the way of thinking about stealth action games that are gradually deadlocked in the current era.

Dishonored1 Dishonored will breathe new life into stealth action games.

The dark background of Dishonored takes the player to the walls of the industrial city of Dunwall, an image of the old London and magnificent Edinburgh of the 1800s to 1900s. Dunwall is the coexistence of old buildings with style. Ancient Europe comes with modern and advanced technology. Following Esmond Roseburrow’s discovery of the use of whale oil as a fuel besides Dunwall being also the center of the fishing and whaling industries, alienation in the government apparatus accelerated. by using this resource to create extremely advanced weapons.

Dishonored2 Dunwall – city of corruption and disease.

With a city of diseases spread by animals, infected people named “weeper” lurking in the shadows, the government is motivated to suppress the free population for the pretext of preventing and disinfecting the epidemic. . In that troubled context, the player takes on the role of Corvo Attano, a legendary bodyguard of the Empress (queen) but is assassinated by corrupt factions in the government by blaming the assassination of the very person he has loyally served. service. Pushed to the end, Corvo Attano is aided by an entity called the Outsider and with magical powers within him, he carries the desire to avenge those responsible.

All in all, the world’s leading game review sites all giveDishonored A very positive number, with most praising the non-linear gameplay element with its various solutions and fluidity in combining with the leveling RPG style. There, gamers are given various powers and weapons, in addition to meticulously designed areas with many nooks and crannies to approach the goal. In addition, reviewers also praised the unique graphic style and bold art, showing the Steampunk nature crept in Dunwall as well as the soul of each character.

Dishonored3 Dishonored received many very positive reviews.

Some reviews call it the closest stylistic descendant to the seriesThief, while others have even hailed it as a contender for the best product of 2012, whether it’s a true Stealth-oriented title that hasn’t come out for a long time or is the best product of its generation. nowadays. Besides such a highly rated gameplay, but Dishonored according to Location there are IGN still doesn’t have a compelling enough storyline to pull players deeper into the vast world of the game. Gamespot also voiced criticism of the enemy’s intelligence but appreciated the replay value of Dishonored.

Dishonored4 But the game is endless, Dishonored still has some weaknesses according to experts.

The top two score aggregators are Metacritic and Gamerankings giving a positive result so far, Gamerankings giving a rating of 92.14% based on 7 review sites for the PC version, 89.04% based on 12 review sites for the PS3 version and 88.5% for the Xbox360 version with 24 reviews. While, Metacritic somewhat lower because of the aggregation of more review sites, with the PC version being 91/100 from 15 review sites, PS3 being 88/100 from 17 review sites and Xbox360 being 89/100 from 39 review sites . For a more specific look, let’s take a look at the scores and specific comments about Dishonored of each page.



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