Doom 3 – Shooter, horror

If you are looking for a fantasy game series that combines shooting and horror elements, then Doom 3 will give you all the things you are looking for. Once in the top of the best offline games on the computer at that time, Doom 3 PC attracted a large number of gamers to participate in the game as soon as the game was released.

Doom 3 Almost re-live the journey to discover a laboratory, which will create the most disgusting and extremely dangerous monsters for the explorers. Players will be taken to an unequal battle between humans and extremely dangerous monsters.

In the title game Doom 3 Here, the player will not simply kill all the monsters and pass through that door, but you will also have to search for the keys to open these doors. In a place where you know almost nothing about the terrain, layout, nooks and crannies, etc., Doom 3 attracted players in these thrilling spots and became the most attractive game at that time.



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