Earth 3D Amazing Atlas – 3D World Atlas for better geography learning

In fact, geography is quite dry if it is not taught and learned properly. But if you know Earth 3D – Amazing Atlas, every hour of Geography will become much more interesting. Let’s travel on the map to places around the world through this interesting map.

Currently this map is sold on the Mac Appstore for only 9,000 VND. However, if you do not have a visa card or do not want to spend $ to buy it, you can download it here. bought the latest version (version 6.0) and repackaged it for you.

The software has a fairly intuitive interface, displaying most of the landscapes of all countries in 3D. Clearly show the flow diagram of canals, sea…

I only have some notes when installing to make the map display more accurately.

+ After downloading, run the dmg file, drag it to the Application folder to run

+ By default the software will display degrees F. To display degrees C you go to Preference

The Weather section is selected again as shown

To select the area you want to “travel” to, just click on the magnifying glass icon and type the place name in

And now your job is to download it and install it on your Macbook to help your child be more interested in geography



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