Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Truck Driving Simulator

Overcome with victory, SCS Software has just released the 2nd version of the popular simulation series Euro Truck Simulator. It is known that Euro Truck Simulator 2 will have a lot of valuable improvements for fans. I installed this game to coax my children to eat rice very effectively ^^

euro-truck-simulator-2 01

Traveling across Europe with the nickname “king of the street”, trucks day and night follow each other on their freight forwarding journey. There will be many interesting things waiting for you to discover, especially when Euro Truck Simulator 2 vividly reproduces the characteristics of traffic, life, landscape… in each country (England, Belgium, Germany, etc.) Italy, Netherlands, Poland,…).


Coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2, you will play as a real truck driver. There will not be much difference in content compared to part 1. SCS Software only brings improvements in gameplay, graphics and maps. But that is also more than enough for us to continue to satisfy our passion.


Graphics in Euro Truck Simulator 2 are excellent. The design of the trucks is detailed and vivid. Besides, as mentioned, the diverse game environment is also a highlight in Euro Truck Simulator 2.


  • Freight to 60 major cities in Europe.
  • Grow your business day 1 better.
  • Personalize your trucks, rent out garages, drivers, etc.
  • Realistic reproduction of thousands of kilometers of streets according to actual prototypes.

To change the language to English, download the following file:

Later unzip the language converter and Copy & Replace to the following directory:

Right click on Euro Truck Simulator and select show package content

Euro Truck Simulator Truck Simulator 2/”

Euro Truck Simulator 2


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