Europa Universalis IV – Strategy game to lead the country

Europa Universalis IV also belongs to the Empire-like strategy game series with an ancient setting, in which the player’s task is to step by step build, manage the country, and conquer the world in his own way. Europa Universalis IV brings a detailed map system for you to observe, let’s make your country more and more expanded on this map.

Europa Universal IV is the 4th part of the famous Europa Universalis franchise, belonging to the macro strategy game series. With Europa Universalis IV, you will be transformed into a leader of one of the 7 most powerful empires in Europe before the Renaissance. You will have to make macro decisions in all aspects such as diplomacy, military and socio-economic, in order to turn your country into a great empire.

Tested to play on both M1

Europa Universalis IV v1.30.6.0b2c


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