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FIFA 12 has achieved great success in the game market in sports in general and in football in particular, as evidenced by the leading game review websites such as Gamespot, IGN..v.v.. favorably give very high scores to it.

Although bringing huge profits for EA, it also left a huge shadow for its successor – FIFA 13, creating an invisible burden on the developer. Does FIFA 13 only rely on the fragrance of its predecessor or is it separating itself to make a revolution? Let’s take a look at what we know about FIFA 13 so far.

FIFA 13 with beautiful graphics, good character design, ambient elements such as the field, stands, fans, etc., all give a positive impression of the Game. But like the images released before, they can’t tell us the core of FIFA 13, which is Gameplay – what players really care about a Soccer Game.


Head of EA Sports – Mr. Andrew Wilson stated: “This is the most obvious successor of all sports games in the world”. David Rutter – responsible for producing FIFA 13 also confirmed: “This will be a revolution, not just an improvement”. He also introduced some of the key elements that make up the Gameplay of FIFA 13, which is the Player Impact Engine system, upgraded AI, tactical free kick techniques and more realistic dribbling and dribbling.

In addition, the developer also brings a new system called “First Touch”, which works to help players catch and receive the ball more real. First Touch will reflect the speed of recovery of the ball in terms of how fast or slow the player’s control is, catching the ball or bouncing away depending on the angle of contact, the height of the ball as well as on the index of the ball. player. This can lead to more situations where the ball bounces, flies away, and stops slipping.

There’s also the Player Impact Engine that was first introduced at FIFA 12 and has somewhat shaped its gameplay. Although it is very successful to bring this system into the Game, there is still the downside of the odd actions that occur when the players collide with each other. FIFA 13’s goal is to retain the inherent realism of collision situations, but to remove the ridiculous actions that the players cause.

The new AI mechanism helps the players controlled by the machine in the Game to behave more rationally in each specific ball situation. Like a full-back, as soon as he receives the ball, he will coordinate, run with the midfielder to make a cross or dribble the ball into the penalty area. While players who regulate the tempo of the game well like Paul Scholes will move reasonably to have accurate passes to the flanks. FIFA 13 will be improved with better running ability of the players.

Along with that is the ability to dribble the ball of the players will be improved than before, when you can control the player to increase, decrease the speed and control the ball depending on the situation in front of you. Learning from the FIFA Street series, FIFA 13 will focus on the player’s movements to stop the ball and control the ball around him, shield the ball from the opponent’s defenders, perform technical movements over the body with just Analog. . The last thing that FIFA 13 is aiming for is the tactical free kick. With it, you can control the fence with how many players are involved, whether to risk the umpire to raise the fence further or time the defenders to jump to narrow the angle of the shot. .

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Although the above improvements all bring positive thoughts about a successful FIFA 13 version. But if you look closely, apart from First Touch, all are based on old values, making players feel like they haven’t seen the revolutionary breakthrough that Mr. David Rutter mentioned. The personality coach of world football, Jose Mourinho, after watching Chelsea beat Barcelona to reach the Champions League final, said: “The great thing about football is that it is unpredictable. what”.

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FIFA 2013 on Mac


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