Full remove Paragon NTFS 15

Paragon NTFS 15 I posted on Maclife.vn is currently a Beta version with an expiration date of September 2017. Currently, there is an official version but no “drug”. Since it is a Beta version, it is very likely that unexpected errors will arise. I think it’s pretty good, but many of you commented that there was an error of losing the bootcamp partition, the error of not recognizing the external hard drive…

Special on Paragon NTFS 15 I can’t find the function Uninstall like the previous Paragon NTFS 14.

Today I will guide you to completely remove Paragon NTFS 15 if there are unexpected errors during use. After uninstalling you can switch to temporary use of Tuxera NTFS while waiting for the “medicine” version.

To remove Paragon NTFS, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the following file and extract it: Full Remove Paragon NTFS.zip

Step 2: Click LaunchPad type Terminal to open the app Terminal

Step 3: Drag files manual-uninstall-paragon-ntfs.sh (located in the folder extracted in step 1) into the window Terminal > Press Enter > Enter the machine login password (Note that when entering the password, nothing will be displayed, just enter it correctly and Enter is ok)

Done Restart the machine. Paragon NTFS has been completely removed

Update 2020. On new versions, you can Uninstall as follows:

Click on the Paragon NTFS icon above Menubar>chọn Preferences

Then click Uninstall as shown


Wish you all success – Maclife.vn


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