Giant Machines 2017 – Industrial machine simulation game

In the game Giant Machines 2017, players will control more than 7 industrial machines around the world, trying to work hard to achieve the goals in the space launch campaign.

Giant Machines 2017 1

Like many other computer simulation games, Giant Machines 2017 is very clear: The player will be one of the last survivors, tasked with controlling some of the giant machines in the world. world to prepare for the launch of spacecraft into space. Basically, players will have to do almost everything because it seems like the world has no one to support.

Giant Machines 2017 2

During the PC simulation game Giant Machines, players will hear voices suggesting what to do at certain times. The owner of that voice acts as a tutor, a guide and will be on the spaceship after the player completes 15 missions.

All the vehicles and physics in the computer fun Giant Machines 2017 are designed to be exactly what players can expect. Players will control many vehicles, moving objects from one place to another.

Giant Machines 2017 3

From the very beginning, the fun game for PC has made it clear to the player that the main goal is to complete the steps to launch the spacecraft into space. The size of the machines in the game is really impressive. Players can feel this right from the initial missions when switching from a small machine to a bucket wheel excavator – The machine is so huge that it does not fit on a football field. Usually, the player will have to climb up 100 meters to get to the top of that machine. Actually, this is one of the things that players have to do in the computer simulation game Giant Machines 2017

Summary, Giant Machines 2017 is one of the simulation games worth playing. Players will enjoy the in-game radio system, which can slowly follow the story and perform many interesting activities, such as driving giant machines to achieve their goals.

Note: Use Betterzip to extract and then copy to Application folder and run the file. If there is an error during the decompression process, select Go on to continue



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