Hand Off User Manual! to manage the Internet connection for the application

Some Cr4ck applications require an Internet connection to be disconnected (to avoid detection of pirated software). Today I will guide you to use Hand Off software to block Internet connection to the application when using Crack software.

First, download and install Hand Off here: Hand Off! Monitor and control applications accessing the network.

This guide I wrote is based on the latest version of Hand Off up to the present time Hands Off 3.1.5

+ After downloading, run the dmg file, drag the file Hand Off! go to folder Application

+ Open file Hand off! in folder Application,

If you open it for the first time, you may see the following message:

You choose Open Security Preferences then choose Allow (same picture)

Then go outside and choose Install

+ Enter the device login password.

+ Then select register

+ Enter any character in the Code box to register! I entered maclife.vn

Select Mode Easy for easy configuration

Click Add Button (Green + sign as shown) To add a rule to block Internet connection for the application

Click Next on the gear box and select Choose Applications to select the application to block the connection (Note the right place I circled in red is Deny)

In this example, I choose foreign language learning software Rosetta Stone. Because this is Cr4ck software and requires disconnecting on startup to avoid copyright detection. I use Hand Off! Every time you open it, you don’t need to disconnect Wifi anymore.

After selecting, press OK

As shown below, you have successfully blocked the Internet connection for Rosetta Stone. Other software requires disconnection, you do the same

The software will automatically run with the system every time it is started. Show a hand in the Menu bar.

There is also another simple but powerful connection blocker software that is not inferior to Hand Off. You can refer to the article below:

Good luck


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