How to install and drug Adobe 2021 with Zii

This article shows you how to medicine Adobe 2021. However, dThere is an Adobe 2022 suite running Native on M1, so if you use M1, do not use neutral filter feature, you should install Adobe 2022, from Adobe 2022 set, do not use zii drugs anymore but use the way to copy files to the corresponding folder.

Details on how to install Adobe 2021.

Note 1: This set does not run Native on the M1 [vẫn chạy qua Rosetta] and to install the Adobe 2021 suite so that after the “drug” does not crash, you need to be at macOS Big Sur at least version of macOS Big Sur 11.3

Step 1: (Important): Go to the following link to load and set Adobe Creative Cloud or AntiCC first [Cài Anti CC thì khỏi cần cài Creative Cloud]

Download Creative Cloud Or AntiCC

Note 2: Install only Creative Cloud Well, when you need to log in to your account, you can register for free or login with Gmail. The screen is as follows. Don’t install software on Creative Cloud when you don’t know if zii still supports it?

Step 2. Find and download software in the Adobe 2021 suite to install on Maclife:

Step 3. Open the downloaded DMG file and copy the installation file (red in the middle) somewhere in the machine (e.g. Desktop). Then run the installation file outside the desktop. Where the run is faulty as shown in the following image (even though gatekeeper has been turned off).

Open Terminal, type the following command:

xattr -cr Drag the Install xxx-en_US file in and Enter

For example, if I leave the file installed outside the Desktop, after dragging the file in, my command will be as follows: It is extremely important to note that after -cr has white space

Then go to the desktop to run the installation file now will definitely be possible.

Note 3: Running the installation file encountered an error as shown below It’s because you haven’t installed Creative Cloud or AntiCC yet.

Step 4: Open the file Adobe Zii attached to the installer and drag app need cr4ck to zii window to avoid affecting other versions of Adobe if previously installed

Step 5. If installed on the M1: With native software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Premiere, Premiere Rush, Media Encoder, InDesign… you need to get in. Application>Adobe Photoshop 2021>Adobe Photoshop 2021 >Click right-click selected Get info And stick in. Open using Rosetta It will be open. [Một số bản Photoshop sau này mình đã Get bộ cài mặc định chạy qua rosetta nên không cần stick, để chắc ăn thì ae cứ kiểm tra thấy có chữ Open Using Rosetta thì stick vào]

Who gets info can’t see? Open using Rosetta you may be right-clicking on the wrong folder, opening the folder, and then right-clicking on the file inside.

Step 6: Done cmnr ^_*

Note 4: After completing the steps, open the app up and lose the test notification screen to scrub at startup, and the test message in the corner on the right hand of the screen, mackeno nha, Trial Ended 80 months is still used normally if not updated. How to turn off Update see here (I don’t write here to avoid long articles)


– Anyone who is on Maclife Group can watch a detailed video of the steps to install adobe 2021 here:

– According to some of you, if you are taking macOS 11.3 or higher, it is possible to install Photoshop 2020 (zii drugs included in the installer)

– For those who install the 2021 version, the most standard Zii version is the Zii version attached in the installer, do not use the latest Zii version to drug, for example, you use Photoshop 2021 v22.3 or 22.3.1 but use Zii higher than 6.1.0 will Crash

– Handle black errors of drag bars on Raw Camera, Liquify…. on Photoshop

Option 1: Open folder Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 > Right-click file Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 and select Get info (remember to open the folder and then click on the file inside, whoever presses get info in the external folder is not okay).)

+ Then the stick selects in Open in Low Resolution You can open Photoshop again. Thanks a Ryan Qing I’ve discovered this fix.

Option 2: Download Camera Raw 13 here to install: Raw camera

I wish you success,


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