Instructions for installing and using Rosetta Stone, the best language learning software on Mac

Rosetta Stone is the most famous and effective software to support foreign language learning today. Rosetta Stone has completely replaced the traditional curriculum with a new teaching method that is more intuitive and professional with vivid images and sounds, RS has created a new language learning method that is more receptive for everyone. subject. Rosetta Stone is recognized by major organizations like NASA and is included in the curricula at many prestigious schools around the world, so there’s no reason why you can’t ignore this useful suite. The software supports learning more than 24 languages ​​in the world.

However, for you “nerd”, installing and Cr4ck this application can become a bit difficult. Today. I made a detailed tutorial on how to install and Cr4ck this best foreign language learning application.

I will guide you in detail so that anyone who is new to using Macbook for the first time can also install this application! We start.

Step 1: Download the application at the following link: Rosetta Stone TOTALe – The best language learning program

In this article, I wrote a guide based on the latest version up to now, which is the Rosetta Stone TOTAL 5.0.37

Step 2: Unzip, run the file Install.dmg and continue to run the file Rosetta Stone Language Training.pkg to start the installation. You just click Next and enter the password to install as usual.

After the installation is complete, absolutely do not open the application. Continue reading step 3

Step 3: Open folder Application > Right click on the software Rosetta Stone > Select Show Package Content> open folder again Contents > Resources

Step 4: Open folder Crack (in the folder downloaded in step 1). Copy 2 files LocalApp.swf and signatures.xml. Copy and copy to the folder you just opened in step 3. Select Replace

Step 5: Read and follow these instructions to block the Internet connection for Rosetta Stone:

After blocking the Internet connection Cho Rosetta Stone is done. You can open the software. However, you have only completed the software installation step. To use, you need to download the language pack for Rosetta Stone.

Step 6: Added language packs for Rosetta Stone

+ Please go to the following link: Language pack for Rosetta Stone Find and download the language pack you need to learn.

+ I will download the package English (American) and write instructions to add this language pack. The other packages you do the same

+ After downloading and decompressing, you will get ISO files at different levels as follows:

+ You choose the Level you want to learn (for example, Level 1). Right-click and select Open With and select DiskImageMounter (You can use professional virtual drive creation software like DEAMON TOOLS

+ To add a language pack, open the software. Select Add a Language Level

Select Continue. The software will automatically recognize the language pack you just mounted above. Select Install selected Language.

Once added, the following screen will appear. You can choose Add more to add or Continue to start learning.

If the screen shows Active you choose Not now to forgive.

Enter student information.

Choose to learn listening, writing, speaking…. I chose the first box ^^

The software will Test Micro. Done, Click Continue

Start learning. The software interface is quite intuitive and simple.

After studying. For Add Level or language. Click on the three dashes above. Select Manager Languages same picture

Wish you all success –


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