Instructions to create a beautiful clock ScreenSaver for your Macbook

Today, I saw a friend Post on Facebook like the above and asked how to do so! This is actually a Screensaver of Here, I will guide you to create a clock Screensaver like the one above.

Step 1: Visit the following link: Scroll down and select Download for Mac.

Or if you are lazy, download it directly here: fliqlo_171.dmg

Step 2: Double click on the file iqlo_171.dmg just downloaded then continue to double click on the file Fliqlo.saver and choose Install

Step 3: At the window Desktop & Screen Saver choose Fliqlo (as shown) and click Preview to preview

You can edit Start after (currently I’m leaving 20 minutes). After the time you choose if you are not working, the mac will automatically switch to the screen saver screen as above.

In the cell Screen Saver Options you can adjust the size of the Number on the screen to your liking.

In addition, I introduce to you a screen saver of the Apple Watch watch style which is also quite good. You can download it here: WatchOSX

How to do the same as with Screen Saver clock above 🙂

Wish you all success –


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