Karma Incarnation – Adventure Game

Karma Incarnation The gameplay is quite “weird” which is quite confusing, but thanks to the eye-catching hand-drawn graphics, it helps to create an indescribable attraction for the game. Use your thinking ability to solve the puzzles that the game screen offers.


  • Play as Pip and explore a rich, bizarre world.
  • Use Astral sight, a power that allows you to peek into the world of spirits at any point of the game.
  • Learn Karma laws through choice and action. Each evil deed spoils Pip’s karma and changes his appearance. Good deeds purify karma. Key characters respond differently to Pip’s karma, opening additional storyline.
  • Hand-drawn animations of the varied interactions of Pip with his strange environment. The environment and other characters of the quests are drawn individually for each situation.
  • Live magical award winning music and sound by ZMEIRADUGA.


OS X 10.10 or later




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