Lock Screen Plus 2.0 – Program to lock screen Mac

Lock Screen Plus is an application that helps you lock the desktop when not in use, with weather information displayed. You can use the keyboard, mouse, or trackpad to unlock. Lock Screen Plus provides you with 18 beautiful and free themes for you to choose from. Each interface has a display, different icons to help you not be bored.

Outstanding features of the application:

– You can choose the wallpaper, time format, sound when locking and display text when locking the screen

– You can choose effects when locking and unlocking

– You can choose to display weather information of the region you are in

– You can choose unlocks such as keyboard, mouse or trackpad

– You can set a password to unlock

– Automatically locks when the device goes to sleep or is not in use

– Automatically lock when starting the machine

– Display computer battery information and network connection status

– Support many beautiful and fancy interfaces


Lock Screen Plus 2.0



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