Mackeeper Removal Instructions – User Fraud Software

Mackeeper is a pretty popular phishing software today. It pops up the popup saying your computer is infected with “xx” virus (actually not) and asking to download Mackeeper to remove the virus. However, if you download it, Mackeeper will stick to your computer and browser to jump popups to earn $ for the owner. Quite annoying.

Today I will show you how to remove this Mackeeper software!

*. Remove Mackeeper khỏi Menubar:

To remove MacKeeper on the Menu bar, run Mackeeper in the folder Applicationselect PreferencesSelect Tab Generaluncheck the “Show Mackeeper icon in menubar”

How to remove Mackeeper. You can try from top to bottom.

To remove Mackeeperyou can install Cleanmymac and go to Uninstaller, select Mackeeper and uninstall.

After removing with Cleanmymac. Most have been removed, however the Mackeeper Helper folder remains. You will find it in ~/Library/Application Support (you can go to Finder, press Option>Click Go and choose Library. In the MacKeeper Helper folder there is a file named NoticeEngine.plugin please delete it. Empty the trash and restart the machine. If there is no MacKeeper Helper folder, even better, Mackeeper will only harm if it exists.

Remove annoying Mackeeper Popups

If you’re running Safari. Follow these instructions:

+ Quit Safari completely (force quit). Select Safari > Preferences > Extensions, and remove all mackeeper related messages (if any). (If you’re running macOS Sierra when you go to the Extensions tab in Safari, you’ll see the message, “Extensions can be enabled in the Develop menu.” Click the tab Advanced and check the box “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” then go back to the Extensions tab.)

Next, go to the Privacy tab and select Manage Website Data find MacKeeper related stuff and remove from cache and cookies.

In Chrome, go to Chrome > Preferences, select Extensions remove Mackeeper related Extensions. In the Settings menu, select Show Advanced Settingsfind and select Clear Browsing Data, A window will pop up, select “Cookies and other site and plugin data,” and select “Clear browsing data.”

In Firefox. You go to Tools> Addon> Select Extensions> and also remove the Extensions related to Mackeeper, Then also Clear Cookie.

Easier way to remove Mackeeper

If you find the above ways lengthy, you can download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac(free) or download Malwarebytes Premium at Maclife

Install and run Scan, the software will detect Mackeeper and Remove it.

Here’s how to manually remove Mackeeper for those of you running OSX 10.11 and below.

1. If Mackeeper is running. Right click on the icons on the dock and select quit

2. Press the key combination “Shift + Command + G” and copy the following command:

/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper


3. Here you find and delete the following files


4. Access to Keychain via the following path: Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access

Unlock the Keychain with the admin password and delete the entries related to ‘MacKeeper’ or ‘zeobit’

5. Open Activity Monitor and select All processes here you will see Mackeeper’s background tasks running like ‘MacKeeper’, ‘zeobit’ or ‘911 bundle’ select all the above tasks and click Quit Process as shown below

6. Go to Applications and delete the file and empty the trash.

7. Continue on System Preferences -> Users & Groups and choose Login Items. If in this section you still see anything related to Mackeeper then select it and press the “-” sign below

8. Restart the machine

9. After restarting the computer, press the key combination “Shift + Command + U” and select Disk Utility as shown below.

mackp2 10. After entering Disk Utility, proceed to Repair Disk Permissions as shown
Come here and consider it done. Good luck!
In addition to the above ways, we can refer to a simpler way that is to run the Scripts file uploaded in the link below
Link download:


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