Mafia III : Faster Baby – Super action game

Mafia III: Faster Baby! is an extension of the game series Mafia III that maclife introduced in the previous post
Mafia III is one of the few games with some of the best character performances in recent years, easily surpassing other AAA heavyweights like Grand. Theft Auto VMetal Gear Solid V and even The Witcher 3.

Contributing to the success of this acting must mention the role of director Haden Blackman. Originally a writer and director for a series of Star Wars products of the game company LucasArts. Blackman did not hesitate to assemble a team of professional voice actors from Hollywood to bring the characters to life. Mafia III. Even more special is the return of Rick Pasqualone, who voices the main character of Mafia II: Vito Scaletta.

To be able to create the character’s conviction and show the greatness of the voice acting, it is the ability to simulate the graphics of the game engine. The character’s facial expressions are very detailed and natural, emotions are expressed very clearly and convincingly in every scene, so that players can feel the characteristics of each character in the game, for example. like Lincoln Clay with his hot temper but upright or John Donovan sly and cunning.

Finally and most impressive is that the characters in Mafia III all have regional accents with characteristic voices – something that is considered a luxury, even with AAA games and typically Hitman. In Mafia III, you can easily recognize all kinds of different voices from all over the world such as France, Italy (obviously), southern America, Latin America and even Haiti.

Mafia III: Faster, Baby


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