Magicka 2 – Magical World

Magicka is considered the most successful game of Paradox Interactive with nearly 10 million copies sold to date. So this is the premise for the company to continue its game.

This time, Magicka 2 will be developed by Pieces Interactive (used to be the developer for some DLCs of season one)

Magicka 2 marks the return of the action adventure game series Magicka with its signature fun co-op mode. With many new attractive features and classic magic system and “stray magic” mode of this game series. Players and their friends will play as 4 young wizards on a journey to find the ultimate power of magic under the guidance of Vlad in the co-op campaign, or participate in challenges. to get mascots with boundless power. What are you waiting for, put on a magician’s outfit and learn magic once more.

Magicka 2


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