Mini Ninjas – A pretty interesting game

Mini Ninjas is a new style of IO Interactive, not too heavy on the brutal assassination phase, but a somewhat softer gameplay. However, fans of the stealth-kill gameplay should skip it

. Mini Ninjas is an accessible game that quickly creates excitement for players, with a highly artistic graphic style. There are a few points that are not good and create a strange feeling for players, but there is no denying the overall fun of Mini Ninjas.


The plot of the game is quite simple and clear. The game revolves around the story of the young ninja Hiro and his fat friend Futo who go to find their four ninja friends and prevent the samurai lords from taking over the world. Along the way, two young ninjas will find their friends, learn new spells, and battle samurai.


The game plot does not have much to discuss, but that is also the entertainment and humor that Mini Ninjas brings. The cinematics you get when you make new friends are really worth the effort. The animation scenes are built very meticulously, the images are beautiful, the movement is very smooth and very funny.


Mini Ninjas


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