Payday 2 – When Gamers transform into robbers

Two years ago, a game was born that brought a new wind to the FPS genre with a bold idea: for gamers to transform into the role of robbers, that is Payday: The Heist. With a balanced battle mechanism and brilliant multiplayer, Payday has achieved many successes.

Now, the clown masked guys are back again in the fans’ welcome with Payday 2.


The first change of this second part is the appearance of – new matchmaking system applied to both single player and multiplayer. This criminal network is the source of information about robberies taking place at various locations in the city that the player can join. The missions ranged from bank raids, visits to malls and discos to stealing precious jewel necklaces, totaling up to 11 levels, much larger than the meager 6. belong to Payday: The Heist.

The usual robberies only take place in one day, but there are also many complex missions, lasting many days with many different goals. When choosing to participate in a certain mission on the city map of, players need to consider factors such as the amount of “booty” obtained, the level of risk as well as its difficulty. Of course, when you accept the challenge, what you achieve when you succeed will be well worth it. You can also use money to buy support solutions such as the map of the game screen to have an overview of the plan…

The game screen is designed quite detailed and intuitive, it is not too difficult for you to remember the way, turn, the location of the room… But each time the task is performed, there is a slight difference due to a number of factors. randomly regenerates each time you play. You can mark in your head where the safe is, but next time it’s not sure it’s still there, but it may be moved to an adjacent room. Or the exit point for the first time is in the West, the second time is in the East. These circumstances are unpredictable, if not careful, even a little mistake can cause the mission to fail; but at the same time it also adds a bit of challenge for players and helps the game not to be duplicated and boring

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