Perfect Photo Suite – Photo Editing Tool

Perect Resizes has also been further improved.

1. Perfect B&W: Create artistic black and white photos

With more than 96 built-in effects, you will easily turn color photos into artistic black and white with just a few clicks. In the left Panel bar, the Effect section will have many groups of black and white effects, for you to choose from such as:

– Basic fundamentals: Basic effects.

– 19 century processes: Effects of the 19th century.

– 20 Century classic sliver: 20th century classic effect

– 21st Century Modern Digital: 21st Century Modern Digital Effects.


In each group, there will be many effects displayed as thumbnails, you just need to click to see them directly.

If you are still not satisfied with these available effects, you can manually adjust the parameters in the Properties panel on the right to achieve the desired effect. The parameters include:

– Tone: Tone, brightness, contrast….

– Color Response: The strength and weakness of the color.

– Color Curve: Histogram.

– Film Gain: Black and white film.

– Border: Add border.

– Sharpening: Sharpness.

– Blending: Color blending.


By default they will be disabled, you need to enable it by dragging the Off selector bar to ON.

When editing for comparison, you can click Set the preview area compare mode at the bottom of the image to view.

2. Perfect Effects 4: Add effects to digital photos.

Perfect Effects 4 will help digital photos become more sparkling with a system of professional and artistic effects.

In the Effect pane on the left, you select effect groups such as: Blur, Antique (ancient), Black & White, HDR ….

Each group will have many effects inside, click to apply and you can also adjust the parameters in Properties like the item above.

The Blending Mode feature helps to blend the original image with added effects to make the image more vivid. After adding the effect, in the left Effect Stack pane, select the Layer containing the effect and press Options, a window will appear, select Blending Mode, adjust the blending level (Amount), limit the effect to one color. or any color space (Apple Effects to)….Finish click Apply to apply.

3. Perfect Portrait 2: Portrait Makeup

Perfect Portrait 2 is a great tool for beautifying portraits, helping to improve skin tone, conceal imperfections, and “tweak” eyes, teeth, and lips.

The tool will automatically detect faces in the face for you to edit easily. To start, click on the square that surrounds the face. Immediately the positions of teeth, mouth, eyes … will be marked. However, sometimes it is not correct, please help to correct it.

The Properties panel includes 3 main tools:

– Skin Retouching: Retouch skin color. If you just want to edit the facial skin, check the box Face Only, then adjust the parameters such as: Blemishes: Cons, Smoothing: Smoothness, Shine: Brightness of the skin.

– Mouth & Eye: Improve details of mouth and eyes: Whitening: Whiten teeth, Vibrance: Vibration of lips, Detail: Depth of eyes.

– Color Corection: Adjust the color of the skin including: Amount Warmth: Skin Warmth, Color Shift: Skin Color Change, Ethnicity: Skin Color by Race.

In addition, to remove blemishes on the image such as acne, freckles, etc., you just need to select the Retouch Brush tool (H) and paint over the defective area to remove. If there are many different faces on the image, click Select Next face next to Hide Controls to switch to other face editing.

4. Perfect Resizes Photo: Resize Photos

Perfect Resizes Photo 7.5 supports cropping, resizing images without losing grain or losing the original sharpness. In the new version, the Presets bring faster processing speed, optimizing images for printing, whether they are taken with DSLR or mobile images.

On the software interface, you will know the actual size as well as the original resolution in the Document Size section. Here you click the drop-down arrow in the Preset section to choose a new size for the image according to criteria such as: Square (square), Photographic (digital image size), Paper (size of paper), Video (size to create). video), Panorama and Custom.

5. Perfect Layer 3: Digital Image Management

Perfect Layer 3 besides the digital image management feature available in the previous version, Perfect Layer 3 also adds the Perfect Brush tool and a library of beautiful backgrounds and frames.

When using the Brush tool on most graphics software today, you must be careful not to smear other details. However, it will be removed with Perfect Brush’s smart tool, as it will automatically detect the border between details on the image. You click on the Masking Brush tool (B) and select Perfect Brush to paint

Besides the ability to support PNG images, this version 7 chooses to provide a variety of backgrounds, borders, and textures to contribute to more vivid images. To access, select the Exta item in the left panel, double-click the object > Add. Each object will be on one layer, so you can use the Blending Mode to combine them.

Perfect Photo Suite 9.0.2


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