Pyre – Role Playing Game

Pyre is an action role-playing game produced and published by Supergiant Games. For those who have been fascinated with Supergiant games like Bastion (2011) and Transistor (2014), it will be impossible to forget their great design and content. Inheriting the quintessence of its predecessors, Pyre is a game that fans have been waiting for.

The story of Pyre takes the player into a strange land, where you are fortunately saved by people wearing bizarre masks. Quickly adapting to a new life, new friends, players will help their benefactors uncover the hidden truth behind an ancient ritual, a secret contest through which survivors finally deserve a chance to return home and erase all the sins that I have committed before.

Along the way, players will meet countless characters with different personalities and physical characteristics, and your actions in this competition will determine who can survive to return. home after this ancient ritual.

Pyre v1.0


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