Resolume Avenue – Outdoor Screen Audio Visual Design

Resolume Arena the app is quite useful if you are someone who regularly designs large screens for outdoor events with high sound quality and definition. The utility has an interface that works with video editing or audio design software. However, this does not mean that Resolume Arena is difficult to use, on the contrary, you can master it right in a few steps. It is even possible to master every feature in a very short time.

Resolume Avenue v6.1.2 (62262)

How to install.

1. Run the installation file as usual

2. Open the Avenue_Crack file

Open the Resolume Avenue file on the right hand side. Then copy the contents in the Resolume Avenue folder on the left hand side and select Replace

3. Open Terminal and run the following command:

xattr -cr /Applications/Resolume\ Avenue\ 6/

That’s it


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