Sid Meier’s Civilization IV – Dune Wars + The Complete Edition

Game advantages:

The system of “cultural assimilation”: all beliefs, all behaviors, would like to repeat: all your culture-related behaviors will affect other civilizations if you have the ability to raise them. Level and build importance of your civilization!
Many new diplomatic and ideological tricks will be used during the Industrial Revolution, giving you more possibilities to apply your power across the territory, and maintain your status at the top with a great deal of money. many different ways! Relationships with civilizations are determined through your choices!

New civilizations will also appear, such as the Brazilian civilization, Portugal, Poland… and many other auxiliary works and units.
New World Wonders such as the Parthenon, the Universal Theater, the famous Broadway Show
Two new campaigns, American Civil War and Scramble for Africa, will bring you to the American Civil War in the 18th century, and the imperialist countries’ desire to conquer Africa around the world!

Features include:

  • 9 Playable Dune Factions
  • Spice and Harvesters
  • Massive Sandworms
  • Off-World Trade
  • Unique Abilities
  • Terraforming and more…

Are you ready to become the sole ruler of Dune, and in turn control the universe?

This mod is based on Frank Herbert’s epic Dune saga and features a struggle to control the planet Arrakis, a barren desert wasteland which is valuable for one thing only – the spice melange. The spice has the universe addicted to it; it extends life, it allows for the Navigators of the the Spacing Guild to fold space, travel from one point in space to another without moving and is the basis of the universal economy. The spice is created by Sand Worms, giant creatures that live their whole life in the sand. The mysterious Fremen worship the worms as Shai-Hulud, the Great Makers.

Dune Wars: Revival is a new modmod of Dune Wars. A lot of work has been put into refining and enhancing the gameplay of the mod in the last year. The result is a much more polished, flavourful and immersive game. If you’re a fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune setting, previous Dune games or just 4X strategy in general then check this out!

Just unzip and play. Let me know if you have any questions or port requests.

Set your resolution in the main menu under Advanced => Options => Graphics.

I’d also recommend to increase antialiasing to 4+ if you have dedicated graphics.

This game was ported to mac using WineSkin 2.6.0 / WS9Wine 1.7.50.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 4: Dune Wars (Mac) – Capacity: 2.9Gb

Sid Meiers Civilization IV- The Complete Edition


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