Some Great Deals on September 9

Check out some delicious Deals on September 9 for your reference. Some of the products in the above link in the Store I have bought, most of them are Mall so you can rest assured

1. Logitech Mouse Master 3

The price is 1.6 million after applying enough vouchers. Duckweed more than the old goods you sell on Group. Phong Vu LZD Mall Store

Purchase Link


This camera with ezviz similar functions, is extremely delicious in the price range, those who buy today apply enough vouchers for less than 450k

Purchase Link

3. Charging GaN UGREEN Nexode 65W

This charger is quite compact, extremely beautiful design, I am also using 1 lump. Whoever applies the price may still be around 400k.

Purchase Link

4. Baseus Charging 20W 1 Port A, 1 Port C

This department I also have 1 lump at home, 130K for 1 20W charger, which can be said to be the best in the price range.

Purchase Link

5. Baseus c to c charging cable

This cable has a low price tag. I bought 4 or 5 of these fibers for backpacks, houses, companies with 1 place each afraid of plugging in, charging iPad deliciously. Today buy for only 40k, the disadvantage is that the store is foreign, waiting for a bit long to receive the goods

Purchase Link

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