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MacOS is a great operating system (in my opinion) because of its stability, friendly interface, and speed. However, on Mac there are still quite a few small but annoying problems that affect your experience. Today I write this article to summarize the tips that I often apply on my Macbook. The tips are small, but make your experience significantly better. All these tips have their own articles. Today, I just re-filter and summarize the tips that I think are good and necessary according to my personal feelings. Readers for reference!

1. Hide files on Mac:

On Windows, you can go to Folder Option to show/hide hidden files. On Mac, showing hidden files is not built-in on Mac, you have to use the command line or software to do this. Details I wrote here.

2. Show folder path on Mac

Have you ever felt annoyed when you go to search for files on Finder, you never find the file you need because it’s in many subfolders. However, you cannot remember the path of this folder (On Windows the folder path is right above). By default, macOS does not show you the path of the folder above. To do this, read the following article:

3. Make Mac sound when charging like iPhone

This little trick I quite like, when you plug in the charger, the device will emit the same sound as when you plug it in on the iphone.

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4. How to set firmware password for Macbook

Firmware password will basically protect your data better. Unlike the User password that follows the account and is lost if you reinstall the device, the Firmware password is not lost and is also more difficult to break.

5. How to take screenshots on Mac

This is a pretty big advantage on Mac compared to Windows. With just a small operation on the keyboard. You can completely capture the screen in many different ways. Very fast, easy and very beautiful!

6. Change the Default Photo Viewer on Mac

On Mac there is a Preview image viewer. This image viewer is “banana” if you often view photos on Mac. I’m also a person who takes pictures with a DSLR and often views photos on a Macbook, so I’m quite annoyed with the Mac’s default image viewer. After opening an image, you have to close it to see the next picture, can’t click it. If you select all the images in the folder and then click Preview, the software loads quite slowly. I tried to find 2 pretty good software to replace the default Mac photo viewing software. Can open an image in a folder and then click back and forth normally, the image loading speed is also much faster than Preview on Mac. You refer to the following 2 software:

7. Show your name on the macOS Menubar

Small tips for those of you who want to personalize your computer

Just now are the tips I think are quite useful to help you experience macOS better. For your reference. I will update regularly.

Wish you all success –


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