This Is the Police – An adventure game

This is the police is a strategy and adventure game from Weappy Studio. The game delves into the image of an elderly police chief who is about to retire but still has to daily perform his duty to keep the city of Freeburg peaceful.
Freeburg was once a very beautiful place…

The last night of heavy rain could not wash away the stench of the rats here: corruption, cruel plots, massacres… are rising strongly day by day.
Sheriff Jack Boyd, who has always believed that crime must be purified, is facing the darkest parts of Freeburg. The filth, the ugliness of the rats, even the moral decay of the mayor. Will Jack bring justice to the city of Freeburg like the old days or sink in the claws of crime?

As a game developed by Weappy Studio, the game focuses on the story, leading players into the daily life of the police chief speaking in front of crowds, chasing criminals, and uncovering shocking mysteries. The game interface is eye-catching, intuitive, simple with no frills, mixed in two main colors, blue and red, creating a very “police” feeling for players.

The game’s graphics in the direction of animation are relatively beautiful. It is thanks to such an animated graphic design that the game is light in terms of configuration.



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