Toy Story 3 – Toy Story

The boy Andy has now stepped foot in the University, Buzz, Woody and friends are extremely worried because they cannot be attached to him anymore. The toy friends are brought to Sunnyside Kindergarten, where they meet the bear Lotso. But then they quickly realized that they had been treated unfairly and were subjected to Lotso’s oppression. Woody returns to rescue his friends to return to Andy. What awaits them ahead?

You will control 3 main characters Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie. Each character will have a special skill, Woody can skillfully use ropes to swing through certain areas; Buzz, the healthiest of all, can take you a long way; Finally, Jessie is the fastest, with good balance. You can take turns controlling them to pass the levels. There are two main parts to play, Story and ToyBox. The Story section includes 9 stages based on the events in the cartoon. In the ToyBox part, you will be transformed into the story of each character in the toy world of the boy Andy.

System Requirements

Toy Story 3 – Capacity: 4.04GB


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