Waves 14 Complete – Dedicated audio processing plugin

Waves 14 Complete updated, improved many features, updated many new plugins and ensure compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems including macOS Big Sur, which is especially well compatible with Silicon chips

The new point on Wave Complete 14 brothers refer here: www.waves.com/whats-new-in-waves-v14-new-features

Waves 14 Complete v2022.7.20


The older version (13) see here

Drug instructions:

1. If any other version is installed before, run the file Delete Waves

2. Drag file Waves Central enter Application

3. Copy folders data and install.cen Out of the desktop.

4. Run file Waves Central in folder Application> on the select settings screen Continue Offline

5. Press Browse> select to file Install.cen Copied to desktop in step 3

6. Select the plugin you want to install and press Install the current screen is ok

7. Run wavesLicenseEngine file to complete the drug

8. Waves AU Reg file Utility.app saved somewhere (e.g. Application) open up and select Let’s go It’s done.


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