18 Strings – Tool to read and edit .strings files

18 Strings makes it easy to read and edit files ending in .strings

Main feature:

  • All the strings from your project in one convenient view;
  • Focus on the strings that missing translations;
  • Export only strings with missing translations for translation service or person;
  • Automatically translate strings by re-using translations from your other projects;
  • Quickly integrate strings received from translators in your project;
  • Easily manipulate translation strings;
  • Edit localization string key;
  • Tabbed UI – show all strings files in your project in one window;
  • Highlight possible mistakes – when base language string is used in different language;
  • Delete multiple strings at once;

Compatible: macOS 10.13 or later

18 Strings 2022.4 [Universal M1 vs Intel]



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