Adobe Animate CC 2018 – Animate design tool for websites

Adobe Edge Animate CC 2018 allows website designers to create interactive HTML effects for their websites or digital products, enriching media advertising formats and easily accessible by both desktop and computer. telephone.

Main functions of Adobe Edge Animate CC 2018

Has the function of animating web content, making the interface more beautiful in novelty. Has the function to make the website’s background images move very eye-catching, very attractive to viewers. After doing on the program will automatically output into html code, javascript for you to embed into the web… Can make games according to the idea…

What’s New in Adobe Edge Animate CC 2018?

Layer depth and camera enhancements: Create the illusion of depth in your animations by placing assets in different planes. Modify the depth of the layer and between it, and zoom into content on specific planes. Plus, you can lock objects to the camera and perform camera movements and interactive depth layers at runtime.

Task Code Wizard: Use the new wizard to add event actions for HTML5 Canvas – no coding required.

Adobe Animate CC 2018.0.2


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