Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 – Adobe’s latest Vector Graphics Tool

Adobe Illustrator CC is a professional vector graphics design tool that helps create illustrations, digital graphics, web content, video, and mobile content.

Some new features on Illustrator CC 2018 version:

1. Artboard improvements

+ Create 1000 pages of artboards

– You can now create up to 1000 pages of arboards in a single document file via the New Document dialog box or the Artboard Panel.

+ Allows to create more artboards in the same row as the current artboard.

– Previously when you created new pages in a file by clicking the New Artboard button, Illustrator displayed an error message, “Cannot create Artboard outside the canvas”. On this version instead of such an error message, Illustrator will create these artboards in the next row.

+ Allows to select multiple or all arboards pages.

  • In a document file that contains many artboards, to select some pages you hold the Shift key and click on the pages you need to select.

+ Align artboards pages.
– Once you have created multiple pages, you can align these pages like aligning objects.

  • Select the pages you want to align, then use the Align panel or the Options Bar.

+ You can move, resize or apply common presets to all selected artboards at once.

  • To move one or more use the Artboard tool (Shift + O)

+ Move, copy locked or hidden objects in one or more pages.

  • Now that the objects in the artboard page that are locked, hidden or even want to be copied, you can still move and copy them along with the page through the Artboard tool (Shift + O).

2. Text Tool enhancements

  1. Preview font properties in the Character Panel.
    Size, Style, Leading, và Tracking (Kerning will not apply)

And many other new features you can refer to here:


Link download Adobe Illustrator CC 2018


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