Adobe Illustrator CS5 – Adobe Vector Graphics Tool

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is Adobe’s vector graphics software, an indispensable tool for you to learn about graphics.
Adobe Illustrator is often used for book covers, logo design, product illustrations, images on flyers, business cards, drawing cartoons, creating animations for Flash..
Pros: light file size, easy to change content, compatible with Corel Draw, Photoshop and easy to print.

Currently Adobe has released to Adobe Illustrator CC 2017. Adobe Illustrator CS5 is an old Illustrator version, but it is considered to be the fastest, lightest, most stable version of Illustrator that Adobe has ever released. Therefore, there are still many people looking for the Adobe Illustrator CS5 version for Mac.

This version is a direct download from Adobe, with “Medication” instructions inside (English).

If you find the instructions in the downloaded file difficult to follow, you can use the following tool to crack

Download Adobe Illustrator CS5 cho Mac


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