Adobe Indesign CC 2018 – Packaging design software

Adobe InDesign CC 2018 creates stunning pages of text for printers, tablets, and other screens. The app uses the Adaptive Design Tools to create intentional layouts with a beautiful look and feel that work across a variety of page sizes, orientations, and devices while maintaining high image quality.

New features of InDesign CC 2018:

Working with endnotes: Add notes to the document and set them up so readers can jump directly from the footnotes in the text to the end reference. Control end of numbering, format and layout arrangement, and import from Microsoft Word.

Paragraph borders: Engaging paragraphs in your layout by adding borders around them and creating custom corner designs for the borders of your paragraphs.

Improved object type: Set or resize or position an object one at a time to update it across the document using Object Styles.

Improved HTML: Output plain, simple code that developers can easily use to execute your designs on the web.



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