Adobe XD – Mobile app design and website [Universal M1 vs Intel]

Adobe XD (or Adobe Experience Design CC) is graphics software that includes many useful features that help create and share multiple UI/UX design templates for mobile apps and websites. After a long time of testing, Adobe XD officially launched and is free for all users.

Adobe XD is useful software for developers, allowing users to design, test and create prototypes for both websites and mobile applications.

  • The handy app will allow you to design, test and test websites and mobile apps.
  • Provide a very well organized environment.
  • There is a user-friendly interface that is separated in the two main tabs.
  • You can check the results in a separate window.
  • It is possible to add new elements with the help of basic vector drawing tools.
  • Allows you to export the design of the project into a PNG image file.
  • It is possible to record the interaction with the prototype for the MOV video file.

Adobe XD 50.0.12

Instructions for installation and medicines:

B1. Download the installation file

B2: (Important): Go to the following link to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud on the Adobe home page first [Nếu có rồi thì thôi] or anyone who doesn’t want to install Creative Cloud, run the file AntiCC

Download Creative Cloud Or AntiCC

B3. Open folder Install> Mouse must select Open file Install SPRK xxx [màu đỏ] [Nếu 1 lần ko được thì chuột phải Open thêm lần nữa]Whoever is at fault, read it carefully. step 3 In this article, you will know how to fix it.

B4. Then open the folder Crack> Copy file Adobe XD [màu đen] and paste into the following path: /Applications/Adobe XD/Adobe XD/Contents/MacOS

Tips: Can be opened Finder> Then press Command + Shift + G and then paste this line in to open the folder A

/Applications/Adobe XD/Adobe XD/Contents/MacOS

B5. All right, go out and test Adobe XD.

Discrete cr4ck files for anyone installed on Creative Cloud: V50.0.12

Fix the error that requires Access Keychain, AE to do exactly the following order:

1. Logout Creative Cloud

2. Search Keychain (in Application>Utilities>Keychain or find in Spotlight) Then act as pictured:


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